Manifestation of Love


~ Manifestation of Love ~

I used to know a hundred songs
about that place in love where pain belongs
no reconciliation was ever found
between heart and head, only strife came ‘round.

I wandered beneath a lonely moon
the music in my heart, adrift and out of tune
just the haunting strings of the mandolin
seeping through my veins to reside within.

I sought answers to questions I needn’t have asked
I didn’t know at the time, my die had been cast
gliding on moonbeams, soft whispers came through:
“You don’t find love… finds you.”

As such, it came unexpected
with an acceptance of Fate, unprecedented
our friendship suddenly became clear to me
to be your anything love, was meant to be.

An anything love, is just as it implies
unbiased and just, no conditions or why’s
to be what you need through life’s various stages
to remain your constant, throughout the ages.

It’s a love through action, as the words are unspoken
no need for return, sentiments can be broken
promises not uttered, for fear of breach
manifested from truth, with intent to reach.

I used to know a hundred songs
with verses tripping over rights and wrongs
it took the moon for me to see
Fate provides the lyrics, we are the melody.


© Dahlia Ramone, January 18, 2015


4 thoughts on “Manifestation of Love

  1. This poem is universal, all encompassing. It says what I always assumed should go unspoken, without fear of (lack of) reprisal. A first step in a relationship, of this magnitude, could take a person out of circulation.


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