~ Becoming Spring ~


~ Becoming Spring ~

 In the midst of snow and grey
painted skies are memories away
Spring whispers ‘I will always stay
I am a song, a dream, a vision to display

come in from your lost world, enter my dome
relax in my warmth, your heart is now home
carry me with you, wherever you roam
never forget the wonder I have shown’

re-emerge into grey, but aware of the door
bearing a warmth and beauty winter can’t ignore
brush off the sorrow, embrace all you adore
and become one with Spring once more.

© Dahlia Ramone:  February 22, 2020


All photos were taken by me
at the the Glasgow Botanic Gardens & Kibble Palace
on February 10, 2020
Glasgow, Scotland


This poem was written for Blogophilia 
Topic: Countdown to Spring
Prompts: (1) Include ‘painted skies’
(2) Incorporate a Michael Crichton title
(I used ‘The Lost World), paraphrased slightly)

6 thoughts on “~ Becoming Spring ~

  1. I am here to apply for the position of groundskeeper, but only if I am allowed to live on site, and have unlimited access to your gazebo, with it’s conditioned air, fruit flavored ice cube contraption, and the skylight, for evening enjoys… Please consider me.


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