Dear Diary


My dearest diary,
I come again in darkness
it envelops me

skeptical thoughts abound
solicitous in their intended havoc
they wander aimlessly

locked inside truth
my lost soul, the freeloader,
destined for damnation

I personify chaos
in the transmutation of reality –
his, mine, love’s

so it turns:
the raven becomes a pigeon
shitting on everything

hour passes hour
crazy . battles reason . battles faults
death by insomnia.

© Dahlia Ramone:  April 21, 2020


This was written for Blogophilia 7.13 Topic:  Writer’s Choice
(My topic:  Dear Diary)

My Prompts:
(1) Write a Collom Lune *
(2) Incorporate words from a word challenge**

* I saw this challenge posted on Instagram by AmyKayPoetry

Collom Lune

(I also used AmyKay’s bonus challenge (the words used were “solicitous in” from the book Mary Queen of Scotland and the Isles by Margaret George)

** I also used the following words from the April Prompts
posted on Instagram by poets.anonymous_

(skeptical thoughts / lost soul / freeloader / chaos / dear diary / truth /
locked inside / raven / wander / pigeon / insomnia)



10 thoughts on “Dear Diary

  1. Total honesty in a diary is as essential as keeping an accurate score card in a game of golf. If one strays from the path, in either endeavor, he or she is only cheating his or her self.

    I trust you garnered extra points for writing this in the present tense.


    1. I read that the Poet this form is named for was teaching his students a Haiku but couldn’t remember the form correctly, thus this one was born.


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