The Penance of Chivalry

RosePulvis et umbra sumus (We are but dust and shadow) ― Horace, ‘The Odes of Horace


~ The Penance of Chivalry ~

Somewhere, between the dreamer and certainty,
Fate unfolds

joy emits from the warbler’s song
and happiness caresses all it touches
as it gently passes through on the breeze
in this, the realm of dreams,
anything is possible

time is idyllic
and vision is just that, a vision,
not yet manifested from its dreamy state
it is too fresh, too new
and hasn’t been tested

it must first walk through the field of truths
therein lies an expanse of promises
to be plucked and presented as favor
or to be trod upon, forgotten

the heart that dares to dream
is innocence reborn
and only those ordained most noble
may carry it

in fullness of faith
it is presented
and placed upon the shoulders of Honor
which bear passage across the field

along the way
bright and colorful promises
yield their beauty
so ripe to be plucked,
wrapped together by a silk ribbon,
and duly presented

yet as they journey closer to the edge of certainty
the breeze shifts
so subtle, as to not betray its leaving
until it is gone

suddenly, Honor is overcome with weakness
the heart, forsaken with a simple shrug,
watches as the ribbon slowly comes undone
the promises trailing off, one by one
as their brightness turns to dust

in its abject failure
Chivalry falls upon its sword
but by the graciousness of the stars
and the mercy of the moon
it is pardoned

though its past transgressions
linger in the heart
and its former messenger exiled
it is given penance

to become a shadow to the visions
that haven’t yet come to pass
and serve as a reminder
so that they may not lose their way
and the banner of Faith
is never laid to rest.

© Dahlia Ramone:  April 28, 2020


This was written for Blogophilia topic “While Driving About”
(I kind of ‘drove around’ the topic)


(1) Use a Latin Phrase or Quote
(2) Mention an obsolete technology (sword)

17 thoughts on “The Penance of Chivalry

  1. Dearest Dahlia,

    While driving… a point home in a fashion that has not been seen or imagined in any of our lifetimes…

    Humbly fashioned, this net’s strength is sealed; no ends are frayed. Logic is the order of the day; resolve rules the night, where captivity is its own reward.

    Finally, as I feel this melancholy moment fading, I cannot help but recall a refrain, where she implored, “Hit me, Baby, one more time,” knowing all the while, the face cards all had been played.


    Your Friend Myke


  2. Wondrous use of language and tongue, I love it. And how could I not as the title itself was a blossom to my sensibilities. I pray you will continue on here, I’ve returned to these halls too…


    1. Thanks, dollface. I had been gone a while and am making an effort to be more active here. I’m happy to see you’ve come back as well xo


    1. Honestly, I don’t know that I’ve truly gotten there. It’s so hard to keep the faith when you consistently get the same, undesired outcome :/


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