Heal.  That’s my word for 2023.  It was going to be my word last year, but I had to switch it to ‘cope’ after only a few days due to circumstances (primarily work-related issues but also long-suffering personal ones) that were still wildly, cripplingly, out of control.  I had reached a point where I found I was holding the proverbial straw, and it made me question everything about myself.  I was constantly stressed out, my work-life balance was anything but, and I lost hold of who I used to be.  I held that straw four long years.

But there’s now a light at the end of the tunnel – dynamics are changing at work, I’m setting boundaries, wanting to write again, miss engaging with friends. I think the universe is telling me it’s time to drop the mf-ing straw. Finally, I think I’m ready to begin my healing journey. 

I’m still shouldering all my issues, each bearing its own unique weight. Some are heavier, others will require me to carry them further distances until, ultimately, I no longer feel their weight.

To help lighten the load, I’ve stuffed a few checks and balances into my pockets:

Be present.  Daily.  Pick a moment and live in it.
Share the joys – big or small; they exist, and they are powerful.
Write something – every single day.

Armed with an empty journal, a heavy load and a goal, my journey isn’t clear.  But my direction is: Forward.

© Dahlia Ramone:  January 1, 2023

One thought on “Heal

  1. Wow, this is powerful!! Your words are already like medicine beginning to take effect!! I am behind you on this word and this mentality 100 percent!! Love ya friend and I wish you well on the healing journey xo


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