Song of the Shadow Ghosts


~ Song of the Shadow Ghosts ~

Lost in the depths of deja-vu
I can’t see them
and I can’t see you
four faces become shadows
just enough to surround me
creeping around my heart
paying homage
to the sad statue it’s become

A lover.  A friend.
A what-the-fuck-was-I-thinking.
Another friend.
All shadow ghosts
singing songs I can’t escape
lyrics I can’t decipher
and a melody that haunts me

one ghost breaks off
from the shadows
I hear its verse
I swallow the lyrics
and they become reason
three shadows remain

I strain to hear their verses
before I drown in the melody.

© Dahlia Ramone:  May 19, 2019


This was written for Blogophilia Topic: “Shadows Round My Heart Begin to Creep
Include the title of a song from System of a Down (Sad Statue)
Have a deja vu moment

13 thoughts on “Song of the Shadow Ghosts

  1. Oooh this is good. I so love where you went with the prompts this week. I also feel a catharsis taking place in this one. Nice.


  2. Is the clock here on Greenwich Mean Time or something? That would be perfect for Bloggo World and all but it does freak me a bit to see it say 10:37 when its only 6:37 here (and even earlier in Cali)

    Liked by 1 person

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