~ The Posturing Moon ~


~ The Posturing Moon ~

Sweet pretender
with her promises for the other side of midnight
beguiling you with her moonlight
you’d sell your soul to her

wish for love
and hear your echoes in the dark
wait for her shadow of illusion to spark
and rain delusion from above

wish to believe
that answers will come at last
so you can release your ghosts of the past
but dreams of that sweet freedom are naïve

wish for a poet’s justice
for her lying masquerade
that she may no longer serenade
the broken souls like us.

© Dahlia Ramone:  March 1, 2020

9 thoughts on “~ The Posturing Moon ~

  1. I am enamored with your wishes three;
    each of which resonate with me.
    Given the first option, present tense,
    no one would have seen me since;
    I’d not remain for one and two’s results to see.


    1. Had I wished instead for friendship true
      I would have needed no one new
      for someone who’s always had my back
      each time the moon seemed out of whack
      I need look no further than you.

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