Irish item scramble


So for this week’s writing topic, I spent probably more time than I should have scrambling around trying to find a couple things.  Since St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and the topic is Irish-related, I thought I’d try to connect four Irish-related things in my house.  It was kind of driving me nuts a little because, while I was only able to get my hands on two things, I know four exist somewhere (I could not for the life of me find the four-leaf clover necklace that I bought for my daughter when she was in elementary school, and I know we have a coffee cup somewhere with four-leaf clovers on it).  But I was able to quickly grab the two Irish things I use the most – my practically empty bottle of Jameson Irish Whiskey and my Peter Thomas Roth Irish Moor Mud Mask (my fave mask, and it’s practically empty as well ☹ )

I did almost have three Irish things on hand because yesterday I was thisclose to buying a pack of Guinness, but figured I had enough gin in the house and didn’t need to spend anymore money on booze for a while.

As far as kissing the Blarney Stone, I knew it was an expression but didn’t know people actually did it until I saw a couple do it on a tv show (I think it was on an episode of The Bachelor or Bachelorette that I forced myself to watch one year).  Both (the idea of kissing the stone and the show) made me cringe.  Though, if I had to make the choice, I think I’d rather kiss a rock than watch another episode of that train wreck.  Easier to disinfect my lips than to repair my eyeballs after I had just scratched them out. lol!

So, that’s the extent of anything Irish-related that I could come up with.  Now, had the topic been Scottish-related, I could have had my hands on a multitude of items within minutes.  Hell, I could have covered a handful of items just by opening my gin cupboard.  Then there’s the scarf, small Saltire flag, window display, key rings, coins, photographs….  *sighs*  While the body is forced to be back in the present time, the heart is still aching to seek its destiny in Scotland.

© Dahlia Ramone:  March 15, 2020

This was written for Blogophilia Topic: Kiss the Blarney Stone

(1) Include a line from a Robert Frost poem
(“The heart is still aching to seek” from Reluctance)

(2) Play a board game (connect four)

9 thoughts on “Irish item scramble

  1. Gosh, I am all kinds of Irish, and would be pressed to lay hands on four Irish objects… I do carry a pressed four leaf clover in my wallet. That is a bonus!


    1. That is impressive. I remember as a kid always looking through the clover for one with four leafs. Never found one. I guess what’s what online shopping is for lol!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m not sure if there are any Irish things in our house – pretty sure the only place there might be is the liquor cabinet.


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