A subtle confession


~ A Subtle Confession ~

Thoughts of you carry over
like a day in the shade
borne of idyllic moon dreams
where reality is delayed

in that soft place in my heart
before I was guarded
before we fell apart

dappled images float by
on the breeze’s gentle caress
memories in motion
they all whisper, ‘confess’

funny how such subtle whispers
can eclipse the fear
so before they are all gone
there’s something you should hear:

we share the moon, we share the breeze
though the connection is discreet
but they all whisper, ‘You’re the one
who lives within her heartbeat.’

© Dahlia Ramone:  July 5, 2020

8 thoughts on “A subtle confession

  1. ❤ Sighs…… and yet more sighs, Lisa…
    My pen is itching, yet I am loath to bring dark into the light.
    You walk that line with grace here… ❤



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