Broken Jewels

As I’m sitting here trying to write on this week’s topic, a song just came on the radio that immediately made me think of a poem I wrote ten years ago, inspired by this very song.  Below is the poem, the story behind it and the song that inspired me to put the encounter to words.

~ Broken Jewels ~
(for the guy outside of Safeway)

Measured by perfection
cast aside when flawed
unappreciated by the haughty
yet treasured by the blind
what makes a jewel, a jewel
because someone says it’s so?

Today, not tomorrow
is where the difference lays
for unearthing treasures
embedded in dirt, lost over time.

See the little pieces for what they are inside
even broken jewels can shine again.

© Dahlia Ramone:  September 26, 2011


This was written for Blogophilia Topic: “Today, not tomorrow”
Writing Prompt:  Mention a brand of soda (Jewel)

Yesterday [September 25, 2011] I was at the grocery store.  I parked my shopping cart outside the doors and as I was taking a few bags from my cart to carry out to my car, I heard a voice say “I’ll carry those to your car for a dollar, miss.” Before I even turned around my automatic reply was “I got it, thanks.” It’s habit and what I always say when asked if I need help. It’s what I just said earlier to the clerk inside when he asked if he could carry my bags out. But sometimes I act without thinking, and I wasn’t halfway to my car before I started thinking about this kid and regretted that I didn’t look up to answer him.  I had no idea what his situation was, but his face held a look of dejection that just hit me.  So, after I put my groceries in my trunk, I took the few dollars I had from my bag and gave them to him. Then when I got back in my car and my cd kicked on, this song was playing.  The timing seemed profound, and it moved me to write this poem.

8 thoughts on “Broken Jewels

  1. In a world of weary wanderering,
    we often opt for cease and desist.
    But for a measure of pondering,
    both sides’ blessings are missed.


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