After forever

~ After Forever ~

After forever
when they sing our song
with timeless lyrics about eternal spirits
we will nod and think
they almost got it right.

There’ll be myths that summer solstice
was the first time our souls kissed
as both the sun and time stood still
on a day that never wanted to end.

After forever
they will see it written in the stars
our own patterns of love, drawn
faithful reminders, from dusk to dawn
each twinkle a footprint where we danced.

Then they’ll say the moon made a vow
that we’ll always know how
to find one another again
with her breath on a breeze
she’d whisper “follow me”
and guide us through eternity.

After forever
when poets look to muses
and immortalize their own great loves
they’ll remember a song
that touched on our love
and think that we had forever
but they would be wrong

‘forever’ was our prelude
our song has just begun.

© Dahlia Ramone:  February 22, 2015

6 thoughts on “After forever

  1. This is what we all look forward to, even designate dreams;
    we open up our hearts and minds; lend ideas and schemes,
    but the deeper we immerse, the more we know for sure,
    more likely that not, we will be under serious pressure,
    then ease back, change the title and write different themes.


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