“Pull up a seat” photo challenge #17

I was intrigued by XingfulMama’s “Pull up a seat” photo challenge and decided to play. It was fun revisiting photos from two of my favorite local vacation spots, Half Moon Bay and Fort Bragg/Mendocino in California.

If you fancy a trip to the coast in Northern California, I highly recommend both these places. I’ve been going to Fort Bragg and Mendocino (they’re about fifteen minutes apart) since I was a kid on family trips, then once I had kids of my own, I’ve taken them since they were little. Now they’re adults and go on their own without me (when our schedules don’t jive). I’ve successfully passed on a beloved family tradition 🙂

I discovered Half Moon Bay about ten years ago and always love going back to visit. I usually only go if I can make a weekend out of it, but I’ve also done it as a day trip just because I was craving lunch at Cameron’s Pub and I wanted to hang out with a good friend who lives nearby, but it makes for a long day. Good thing I love road trips).

For reference, Fort Bragg and Mendocino are about three hours north of San Francisco, and Half Moon Bay is about half an hour(ish) south of San Francisco. You can’t go wrong with either, but why choose? Visit both!

Take a costal break in Mendocino, CA
Brothers and sisters and cousins on the beach – Fort Bragg, CA
The ocean is the best place to pull up a seat
Fort Bragg, CA

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