Innate Harmonies

~ Innate Harmonies ~

You don’t know my name
but we are not two distant strangers
while I don’t know your face
you are my twin flame

ask me why
and I will tell you
the story of my heart
to which you will reply:

‘oh, darling, as the stars bear witness
I know you in my soul
we have traversed this universe
blessed, by an eternal kiss’

I sigh, ‘mon amour,
the stars are giddy
that we should dance again
as we did before’

and the heavens set the stage
with a little night music
we are one with the harmonies
while the moon turns the page.

© Dahlia Ramone:  May 2, 2021


I combined two challenges/sets of prompts again this week.

The first is from Your Daily Word Prompt from April 26, 2021.  
The word was “innate” and while the prompt was last week's, 
I love that word and couldn’t let it slip away

The second prompt is from Blogophilia Topic: A Proud Moment
(1):  Incorporate 2 Beatles Song Titles *
(2):  Mention an Oscar Winning Movie **

* Ask me why / Oh, darling

** two distant strangers / witness / 
amour / a little night music

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