Six Word Saturday Photo Challenge

This is for the Six Word Saturday Photo Challenge hosted by Travel With Intent. Funny, it’s actually pretty difficult for me to count words. As a poet, counting syllables is so ingrained in my M.O. that I often have to re-count the words several times because I can’t let the syllable count go. It took me a few tries to finally realize the below quote is six words, not eight. lol!

Here, I’ve combined a photo I took of the ocean – my happy place, the place where my soul feels most at home, and paired it with words for my Forever Muse. Even though he has not been involved in my life for years, I will always feel connected to him*. Just like I do to the ocean.

*Case in point: As I was typing this short blog and obviously thinking of him, a news alert popped up on my phone to say that the Rangers (one of Glasgow’s football teams) had won its first Scottish Premiership trophy in a decade and crowds were celebrating. The Rangers were his favorite team. Was it just a coincidence/uncanny timing that I received that news alert at the same time as I was thinking of him and posting this blog, or was it part of a bigger connection? Of course, I will never know, but I’d like to think it’s the latter…

14 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday Photo Challenge

              1. I’ve been through a huge nothing fest lol!!

                I’m John, by the way! You’re invited to read my poetry blog if you want.


                  1. I can also be really talkative… if you couldn’t tell. If I ever begin to annoy you, you can tell me to go away. I promise I will!


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