“Lure of the Siren” by  Dan Verkys
~ Inevitable ~

The Siren beckons to me
but not with her song
(she knows I have grown immune to it)
instead, she places the sweet, sweet image of your face
behind my closed eyes
and my heart flips

I cannot help myself
when you instantly appear before me
and I yearn for a closer look

it’s all so tantalizing
as she shows me everything I hold dear
reeling me in with images
of our years together
flashing them before me
snippet after snippet

there we are, 
the moment we gave each other nicknames
there is the pendant I gave you, and
the daisies you’d leave for me
there we are, struggling to stay awake, 
never wanting any particular night to end
promising to see each other in our dreams

and there we are, collaborating,
penning beautiful, heartfelt romantic sentiments
that we couldn’t say directly to each other
but conveyed them under the role of poets
because poetry is truth
and poems live forever

I smile as I watch how we bonded
two rebel hearts with tender souls
who could calm and heal one another
  my heart soars as I continue to dream

or is it a dream?

the Siren whispers in my ear
repeating all your words to me
beautiful…loving…anguished…crushing words
she expertly weaves them
in between the breadcrumbs of images
I so hungrily followed

my eyes suddenly fly open
straight into the face of the Siren
and she smiles in victory

she now reigns over my memories
tethering herself to my soul
she deems I will always remember
the avalanche of emotions I felt with you

she lulls me with all the reasons 
we fit so effortlessly together
and torments me
with the exquisite tenderness and pain
of a love that could never, ever, be (your words)

I exist in a state of imbalance
trying to believe that love is pure
while also bearing witness 
that love is complicated

I will never understand you
yet I continue to want to
the Siren’s hold is complete

she knows I will never be immune to you.

© Dahlia Ramone:  May 29, 2021

This was written for Blogophilia Topic:
“I Will Always Remember”

(1): Quote Douglas Adams *see below
(2) Mention your favorite flower (daisies)

* “It’s not the fall that kills you; it’s the sudden stop at the end.”
– Douglas Adams

15 thoughts on “Inevitable

  1. WOWZA….all the feels….and I am actually crying. I felt the up and down spiral of that entire relationship. Hugs my friend. You are such a soulful poet and express those deepest parts of the human experience so very very well. Just wow.


    1. I worried this might have been getting too long or convoluted, but I also felt compelled to help going. I am touched how deeply you felt this, but also know it’s because you have such a caring and beautiful soul. Thank you for always being there for me ❤️❤️


  2. I am entranced, taken away and left breathless. The memories of emotions are strong and to be tethered and have that connection will be forever. That Siren knows too well what happens and smiles wickedly 🙂 🙂


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