Sing me a love song

~ Sing me a love song ~

Sing me a love song, one to melt my heart
and carry me, when my knees go weak.
I will find rapture in your arms
and need no reason to be
anywhere but with you,
if you follow up
your song to me
with a kiss
to melt
Your love
gives my heart
reason to fly.
Hold me in your arms
and I can touch the clouds.
I can reach through, grab the moon
and see which of us shines brightest.
The moon has no chance, when you hold me.
She retreats, and lets my love light the way.
I will sing you a love song, from my heart
but I will murmur the words, softly
with whispers soft as butterflies
as my lips trace your jaw line
and you hold me tightly.
Together we sing
together now,
we can
us two;
all we need
is what we have.
No one else exists
when I am in your arms.
I can feel your heart beating.
I rub my cheek along your chest
so I can get closer to your heart.
I close my eyes, and listen to it sing.
Your heart sings a love song; mine weeps with joy
at the tenderness with which you speak
at the tenderness in your eyes
at the tenderness in you.
I cannot help but melt
my heart at my feet
waiting for you
to scoop up
and place
You don’t
miss a beat
as you bend down
and you cup my heart
gently into your hands
bringing it up to your own.
As I wrap my arms around you
bringing our bodies tight together
our hearts fuse, then begin to beat as one.
Now our hearts are singing us a love song
and we sway together in rhythm
matching cadence with our heartbeats
losing ourselves in the dance.
I look into your eyes
willing you to see
the love I have
spilling forth
back a tear
you understand
the depth of my love
and you know all I need
is that you love me the same.
My eyes ask the silent question
My lips, afraid to utter my thoughts
My heart, skips a beat as it waits to hear.
Bringing your lips to mine, you answer me.
Everything you feel, is in your kiss
everything you want, I can give
everything we dream, is here
waiting for us to live
the ultimate dream
with each other.
So take me
with you
I promise
to always be
there when you need me
in passion and in strength
in darkness, to show you light
in love, to show you true rapture.
You hold the key – my heart waits for you.
Sing me a love song, one to melt my heart.


(c) Dahlia Ramone:  August 23, 2008
(a Reverse Deca-Etheree)

10 thoughts on “Sing me a love song

  1. Your ten spot makes statements and leaves impressions that will linger long after the river runs dry.


        1. Haha, no. It’s fun in that I enjoy the challenge and shape of the end result, but I have to count the syllables in each line and often can’t use a particular word I want because it would make the line length or syllable count off. So it’s work, but it’s fun work 🙂

          Liked by 1 person

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