Someone I used to know

I see you now, only through the window
in the shadows of yesterday, I stand
and you’ve become, someone I used to know.
Things you used to share, now come second-hand
Silence reigns, as the knife begins to twist
promises disintegrate into mist
and through a darkness borne of haunted pain
stands a weary heart, broken but not slain
and I am still drawn, unable to flee
I reason and search, but cannot explain
so I’m still here, where the silence kills me.

I can speak of bonds we forged long ago
or secrets only soul mates understand.
Those heartfelt words, wrapped in a pretty bow
that unraveled in time, every last strand.
But I remember when they did exist
and I can still taste the last time we kissed.
Buried deep in my soul, etched in my brain
images linger, driving me insane
they ebb and they flow, like tides of the sea
I hear them whisper, but I have to strain
so I’m still here, where the silence kills me.

Sometimes I think, have I reached a new low,
waiting for someone for whom love has banned?
Is this sense of loss something I’ll outgrow
or am I a slave to my heart’s demand?
I used to think, if I would just persist
then in the end, true love could not resist
But the end has come, and what did I gain?
Sadness – with an eternity to reign.
In sweeping love’s aftermath of debris
I find some remnants to quickly obtain.
So I’m still here, where the silence kills me.

Yes, I know that emotion you won’t show
you keep it hidden, afraid to expand
but I am no farther than a stone’s throw
if you would only embark on new land.
I believe trust and pain do coexist
But we’ll choose a side – stay out of the midst
Don’t leave me standing alone in the rain
Not when you’ve marked me, my heart bears the stain
Once again, I stand before you and plea
You can’t say “I don’t care – you loved in vain.
So I’m still here, where the silence kills me.

One thing I’ve learned, is time can be your foe
we become trusting, and Fate takes command
and at first we think, ‘well, how apropos.’
Are we not the two whom She sought to band?’
But too late we found, Fate rules with a twist:
Our ever-after, was not on Her list
She separates us, each to our own lane:
one shall love forever, She does ordain
the other disappears, is Her decree.
You’re lost, but our love I can yet attain
so I’m still here, where the silence kills me.

I see you now, the charade you sustain
And I’m the invisible one, that’s plain
at your window, we’d only disagree
I won’t forget, as you flow through each vein
so I’m still here, where the silence kills me.

(c) Dahlia Ramone:  March 21, 2011
(Form:  Chant Royal)

“The Chant Royal…consists of five eleven-line stanzas with a rhyme scheme ababccddedE and a five-line envoi rhyming ddedE or a seven-line envoi ccddedE…no rhyming word is used twice.  It was introduced into French poetry in the 15th century…and was introduced into England towards the end of the 19th century…” (except from Wikipedia)

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