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~ FATE ~

Waiting – Phase One

(The Sound of Silence)

Unanswered queries
litter the ground
words fall like ashes
and they taste rancid
as they escape my lips,
mere representations
of time wasted
on the waiting
what happens now
as I kneel and surrender?
my tears make a paste
of the ashes

Strip the Soul – Phase Two

(Bare It For Me)

Scrub me bare
with this paste of grief
exfoliate every disappointment
that has plagued me
and every hollow word
that has haunted me
rinse me with my insecurities;
leave nothing behind.

Futile  – Phase Three

(The Blackest Black)

Remember me, lover
as I dig this shallow grave
cover it with the footprints
of those who come after me
a place where martyrs go
to watch the stars die

Fade Away – Phase Four

(Always Never)

To your credit, you didn’t say
all the words I’d heard before
you simply knelt beside my grave
laying your flag before me
and as the moon touches your shoulder
Fate laughs at me once more.

© Dahlia Ramone:  June 2, 2019


10 thoughts on “Fate

  1. Riffing Dahlia Ramone’s “Fate”

    Now that I think long and hard about it, a shallow grave is maybe not a permanent wresting place.
    Surely there will be future notations and chapters and phases, and possibly new turns of phrases.
    I would never want to be the one to pull the curtain down, and weave to call it a career.
    I could not bear the weight of callous commands, that leave us only images in a mirror.
    If one of us is intent on viewing only what was, and the other looks ahead, who’s left to mind, as is?

    Michael Todd (2019)


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