The Dreamers


~ The Dreamers ~

Once upon a time
on a starlit night
I dreamt of you

I didn’t know you, of course
you were only a heartbeat
amongst the moon and the stars
a gentle breeze that I could feel
but couldn’t hold

I was bewitched
by the thought of you

I imagined
a mischievous smile in the twinkling lights
a loving heart as wide as the indigo sky
and a kind soul as soothing as the moon

I traced lines in the sky
drawing an invisible path
through the universe
that might lead me to you

lost in the dream
but I am not alone
for as long as the stars and the moon
inhabit the sky
romantics will trace their silhouettes
and try to connect the dots.

© Dahlia Ramone: June 5, 2019


2 thoughts on “The Dreamers

  1. Love the poem! Please keep writing your writings help calm my neurotic soul. I’m leaving LA by the end of this month. I’m heartbroken to leave this city I love so much. So here’s a thought as I write this email to you with tears streaming down my face. How would you feel about writing something for me expressing my sorrowful exit from my beloved state and friends I’m not up to comfronting my thoughts and my reality of my tomorrows in a different state. Thanks and I’ll miss you. But I do plan on visiting you so I can see some of the places you take pictures of. 🤗💕


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