~ Refuge ~

In theory,
each day is a new beginning
and hope rises with the sun;
but the sun has a tendency to burn
and my base instincts return

I flee to my cocoon
in an attempt to rewind
as trust once more comes undone
growth reverts to healing
stunted by reality’s revealing

words climb all over me
clamoring to stick
the struggle has begun
time sits back to wait
as I contemplate

the less I feel, the more I am aware
perhaps it’s not about words
and which ones to shun
in order to fix what’s broken
I must take refuge in the unspoken.

© Dahlia Ramone:  August 3, 2019

This was written for Blogophilia

Topic: Rewind

Bonus Prompts:  Include a Peter Gabriel lyric *
Incorporate the word “theory”

* I used two lyrics, and paraphrased them both:

and all my instincts they return” (In Your Eyes)
words, they climb all over you” (Love to be Loved)

(I always write with a particular song playing in the background for inspiration, or for mindset.  With this piece, I listened to You Say by Lauren Daigle.
It’s my current favorite song/obsession).

8 thoughts on “Refuge

  1. You listen to “You Say” as you write about, what you don’t say. That is ironic… Your poem is brilliant. You see so much, and grasp to hold, for a moment, to categorize and catalogue, then pitch to the open air for future reference, to be called upon, if needed; otherwise, have a nice flight.


    1. The problem with pitching to the open air is that it’s so vast, you don’t know where to turn for answers.


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