~ Summer ~

I saw Summer through my window
so close, yet so far away
every day I reached out, gently coaxing,
and eventually Summer took my hand

it was an easy season
as you’d expect days with Summer to be
gentle winds that took us from centuries past
and wound back through time
over drinks and movies and favorite foods

in a way, Summer was an extension of me
and I, an extension of Summer
for all that we had in common

I never thought it would fly away

some things should come as no surprise
that I hold only memories, but no goodbyes
since Summer ended, eight months ago
I miss its warmth that soothed my soul

I can still see Summer through my window
I feel both its absence, and its presence
so close, yet so far away.

© Dahlia Ramone:  September 8, 2019

This was written for Blogophilia
Week 27.12 Topic: A Summer to Remember

Bonus Prompts:
(1) Incorporate a lyric from the group L7
“Some things come as no surprise”
(I paraphrased slightly, from Ouija Board Lies)

(2) Mention a bug (fly)


6 thoughts on “Summer

  1. So seldom seen, in seasonal surmise, is acceptance, in a since, prevailing.

    You always were remarkable, when engineering compromise.


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