Moon vs. Ghost


~ Moon vs. Ghost ~

Comes the moon, summoned by a sigh
wisdom on hold, she was called to comfort
she takes the starry night, gives it a fluff
and enfolds it around the broken-hearted

but she cannot command the breeze
stilled by the weight of wordless good-byes
it just hangs there, directionless,
lost in the silence

comes the ghost we harbor
it cannot be fully shed nor embraced
it is both destruction and protection
it holds our past to our future

the moon tethers it to hope
for answers
for closure
for words that may never come

the ghost merely laughs in the stillness
haunting reverberations stir up memories
for a moment, the breeze has direction
before the memories feel the weight again
and settle like ash on the ground

the ghost preys on the broken-hearted
their grief gives it strength
and the broken-hearted seek the ghost
its strength feeds their resolve
to never fall in love again

they need each other
and the moon hangs in the balance.

© Dahlia Ramone:  December 29, 2019

12 thoughts on “Moon vs. Ghost

  1. The ghost, devastation in his wake, the moon…hope in her light. You are always making us feel the void so deeply.


  2. Ghost is going to taunt, even if only for a minute, knowing full well, an all out vaporizing is in the offing. As for the moon hanging in the balance, you know what I always say… You get used to hanging, if you hang long enough.


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