The Dreams of Leaves


“You hesitate to stab me with a word and know not –
silence is the sharper sword”
(Samuel Jackson)


 ~ The Dreams of Leaves ~

There’s an answer, of sorts, in dying leaves
once budding dreams, but now forced to let go
resolution waivers as the tree grieves
they’re losing their grip, but the pace is slow

days get lost in the repetitiveness
helpless, waiting for the last leaf to fall
it’s hard to know which is in more distress
the tree or the leaf – which loses it all?

nothing is permanent, or so they say
some leaves hold on, by hope or defiance
the tree remains stoic, time slips away,
and they cannot bear the weight of silence

one year later, does the end ever end
for those lost few, left to blow in the wind.

© Dahlia Ramone:  December 22, 2019

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