Lotus in a Haystack


In the wake of the cerulean sky
after the moon has gone by
and the stars close their eyes
lives the sadness of a thousand goodbyes

in this absence of light
the lost souls reunite
they come to be healed
and to narrow the field

like-minded in sorrow
unsure of tomorrow
they turn to each other
for faith, to rediscover

that words can transcend time
(not turn on a dime)
and that favor once held
isn’t inexplicably quelled

the souls yearn for rebirth
for love to have worth
but they are constantly held back
looking for a lotus in a haystack.

Β© Dahlia Ramone:  May 9, 2020



12 thoughts on “Lotus in a Haystack

  1. LOVE this…especially that title and photo…nicely done!! And you made the deadline. WooHoo xo


    1. I barely made it, my battery did die and I didn’t think I’d be able to charge it in time lol! I got lucky with the photo. Thanks, Christine xo


  2. A closing scene is legendary,
    not like legend, map’s terrain.
    When lost and found is query,
    I am all on board. Count me in.
    Train, on fast track to wrestle,
    scenic lake, just ’round a bend;
    less throttle, approach vessel,
    lest you tend to reverse trend.


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