My Immortal Stranger


Have You Ever Thought Anything Was Written For You?

Have you ever seen words
tiptoeing across a page
blushing at the thought of you?

have you ever lingered over a poem
perhaps one about beseeching the moon
and dared to wonder?

have you ever read aloud the words
dancing from a wild heart
as yours echoed the same beat?

those words had a lust for life
– to live. breathe. touch. bind –
did you feel them?

images carefully crafted in your honor
not knowing if they would be seen
such is the life of the poet

you knew.  you never knew
you cared.  you no longer care
it is irrelevant

blush turned to red turned to blue
the tide has shifted
we are strangers now

yet, we are eternally bound
the silent muse and the captive poet
in perpetual motion

for in the words already written
and the poems yet to come
you will live forever

and so, yes,
this is for you
my immortal stranger.

© Dahlia Ramone:  May 10, 2020


12 thoughts on “My Immortal Stranger

  1. This really hits close to home, Dahlia.
    I am considering auditioning a new Muse, in the coming weeks.


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