Flame in the Dark


~ Flame in the Dark ~

In the deepest of dark
echoes the beat of a heart
even as hope stands still
time never will

a nameless face, a faceless name
is destiny the same?
truth becomes a scheme
as demons haunt the dream

follow the puzzle pieces
but the maze just increases
the pathway starts to spiral
desperation goes viral

feed it once and now it stays
the hunger knows a thousand ways
to deftly cloud the mind
and rob the heart blind

yet still it beats, sight unseeing
time reminds that it is freeing
memories scar, but don’t quite fade
and in a heartbeat, I am swayed

that some things should be left to chance
and though my demons still will dance
there’s one thing they must never claim:

I shall be the keeper of my flame.


© Dahlia Ramone:  May 17, 2020


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