The Spirit Moon

~  The Spirit Moon ~
Since the beginning of time
there was only one moon
but how many versions of us
have danced to her tune?
were we lovers before
or best friends to the end
were things left unresolved
or is Fate just pretend?
we had what we lost
then we lost what we had
‘round and ‘round we go
it drives the moon mad
out of sight, isn’t out of mind
when it comes to the spirit twin
but where does that place us now
are we about to end, or to begin?
I begged the moon for reason
her answer was less than sublime:
'you and he just belong
in another place and time
you only know your present life
but you have a future and a past'
then the moon seemed to linger,  
and I could not help but ask:
'but if I don’t remember
how will I see it through?'
the moon said, 'when your spirit calls
I will always guide you.'
There is a greater picture
only the moon can see
yet I struggle to let go
without a solid guarantee
yes, this dance was brief
and the music has gone cold
but there are lovely memories
that I still want to hold
I bind them to my spirit
resources for a future déjà vu 
so that in another place, another time,
we may try again anew.
© Dahlia Ramone:  June 20, 2020

11 thoughts on “The Spirit Moon

  1. Getting it right the first time around just sets the bar outrageously high,
    removing further incentive to once again, give us yet another try.

    Slow and steady out of the gate, building momentum from the abate,
    is probably the safest play, seeing the big picture as hurry up and wait.

    As for me, whether before, during or after, the is one ‘for sure’ I know…
    If gravity allows us, even for a moment, to be stuck in the middle…
    I am never letting go.


    1. I think the best thing about being stuck in the middle, is being stuck in the middle with you. Now, having said that, I have a song to locate 😉

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