The Fog Moon

~ The Fog Moon ~
I remember
the moon once told me
‘on a foggy night, you can see forever’
I was skeptical, of course,
but I never did learn the art
of reasoning with the moon
love her
hate her
hold on
run away
I never could escape her
she was always there
I was drunk on the moon that night
lonely and hopeful
intoxicated by her temptation
it was a heady scent
of promises and misty rain
and a little drop of poison:
I could not see clearly
in any sense of the word
and all hell broke loose
I cursed time
I tempted fate
I railed against the moon
‘who are you?’ I cried
‘to take and not give
you only seek to confuse’
the moon smiled down at me
as fog mists swirled and danced
ethereal in movement
‘sweet child,’ began the moon
‘I am no more your enemy
than the fog is your blindness
for is the fog not dreamlike?
you are so innocent when you dream
and in your innocence, the possibilities are endless’
she sang me a midnight lullaby
and I danced softly in the fog
dreaming the night away.

© Dahlia Ramone:  May 24, 2020

7 thoughts on “The Fog Moon

  1. FIRST! Woot! I BEET Irene again this evening! 🙂

    Ah, you and the moon – better to make friends with her, much nicer to have a sweet lullaby. Exactly my ploy with Venus.. *wink wink* 8 points Earthling!


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