The space between

~ The Space Between ~
We lived in the space
between intoxicating indigo and
the palest blush of dawn
wisps of imagery floating
behind gently closed eyes
I watched as we laughed
we explored new things
we were close. So close
to each other
until we weren’t
suddenly I am alone
standing on the thin ice
between dream and reality
pale blush
grows unrelentingly bright
eyes close tightly
not wanting to yield
reality advances
and I step inward
the ice splintering
with each step
until the dream becomes a web
of distorted pictures
I can no longer make out
the face from my dreams
who tasted indigo with me?
was it someone I knew?
it could have been you
but I may never know
the ice is giving out
reality is unrelenting
and eyelids flutter
against the inevitable
they open
and the space between
dream and reality
is no more
but where does that leave me?
my body belonging to one
my soul to the other
and you, somewhere in between.

Β© Dahlia Ramone:  August 22, 2020

Whit's fur ye'll no go by ye
(what's meant to happen will happen)
This was written for Blogophilia Topic: "It Could Have Been You"

(1) Incorporate ice
(2) Use a Scottish Slang Word or Expression

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