~ Faith ~
She wore faith like a gossamer wrap
fragile and delicate
yet of such beauty
she did her best to protect it
time and again
she fought against the winds
- of change, of reason, of doubt -
her faith fluttering about her shoulders
threatening to float away.
she sought the wisdom of the moon
to hold on tighter
the moon whispered down to her:
you have to let go, to hold on"
she wavered
when had the moon ever delivered?
then she wondered
if perhaps the moon always had
but she had been too focused to see
her ideals and hopes
dance on the wind
lifting and teasing her faith
she wants what she cannot see
and she cannot see what she wants
she doubles down on the moon
releasing her grasp
she gives freedom to her faith
and come the dawn
what will be, will be.
(c) Dahlia Ramone:  January 27, 2019

 This was written for Blogophilia Topic: High Noon
(I did not write on topic)
(1)  Quote the Philosopher Alan Watts *
(2)  Include a breakfast food (doubles) **
* Included in the photo above
** Doubles is a common street food
in Trinidad and Tobago

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