A Random Walk Through Life

“No one can escape time.  It delivers us all to the same end.”  That’s a quote I saw in the video game Persona 3 that my daughter had me play last night.  She asked me earlier if I wanted to play a game with her, and I said “you know I’m not any good at video games.”  She replied, “oh, but you’d be good at this game.  It doesn’t require any skill.”  Um, thanks?  Anyway, I loved that quote and it tied in with something that’s been on my mind lately, and also coincides with this week’s Blogo topic.

Is life random?  And if time delivers us all to the same end, is that end the destiny we were meant to fulfill?  We cannot escape what we were destined to do, no matter how many – or which – lifetime(s) it takes us.

I don’t think we’re just taking a random walk through life.  I believe our paths, and the timing of our physical end in the bodies we now possess, were decided before we took our very first breath of air.  Our past, our purpose and our future are written in the stars, predetermined by Fate.  Many of us spend our entire lifetime seeking our purpose in life.  Some believe they’ve found it, but perhaps others are living out that purpose without realizing it, that they are in fact doing what they were meant to do. 

Are people born to randomly come into their accomplishments?  Or were they hand-picked by a higher entity to achieve a specific purpose?  Maybe they are born into a new beginning to complete what they hadn’t accomplished in a past life.  What if we’re not assigned to a specific cause, but were placed on this earth to love and guide one specific person?  People talk of soul mates, but I don’t think of soul mates in the sense that two lovers reunite in heaven to live out eternity happily ever after.  The term “soul mate” doesn’t have to equate to eternal romantic coupling. 

Perhaps what it means to be a person’s soul mate doesn’t have anything to do with romance, but rather to be the nurturer and lover (again, not in a physical manner) of a person by connecting with their soul, understanding and meeting the needs of the soul and being a constant presence in their life throughout eternity.  And through our purpose and actions, that person– now or in a future lifetime – achieves their intended purpose.  Just because we don’t see the end result doesn’t mean things didn’t happen exactly as they were intended.  Life carries on in a domino effect, but something before us had to put that first domino into place and strategically lay out each one.  The chain of events is not limited to what our minds accept as fact, nor does it end when our bodies do.

We are living in this present lifetime, but I don’t believe it’s the only one our souls know.  Every year we amass countless memorable moments.  As the years go by, our minds forget a lot of those moments, but our souls never do. Whether it’s an uncanny sense of déjà-vu, or meeting someone that you instantly connect with or swear you met before (was that really random?) or an unexplainable yearning or soul-touching connection to a city or state or country that you’ve never been to before, perhaps there’s a reason for all of that. 

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.*  If our purpose and destiny are written in the stars, and stars lie hidden in our soul, and our soul has no beginning and no end, then neither does our journey.  It is in us, but it is bigger than us.  The question is – is it random?  It could be that we are living out life exactly as we were meant to, we just don’t know it yet.

© Dahlia Ramone: October 24, 2020 (modified, originally written June 9, 2015)


This was written for Blogophilia Topic: Writer’s Choice
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Originally written for Blogophilia Topic:  
A Random Walk Through Life
Use a quote by Mother Teresa
“Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.” *

16 thoughts on “A Random Walk Through Life

  1. I’ve always thought soul mates were souls that we had a relationship of some kind with from a past or future life experience. Not necessarily romantic, as you’ve said. You ever heard of the Mandela effect? I’d love to hear your thoughts on that. ❤ Lissa Fallon


    1. I used to subscribe to the romantic theory that soul mates were reunited in heaven for all eternity. Then one day years ago when I was sitting at one of my son’s Little League games, I thought “what about all the people who loved deeply, but the love wasn’t returned? Or the ones who remarried and went on to have a second great love. Who’s the odd man out in the after life?” Now I believe soul mates have a much deeper significance and purpose.

      And I hadn’t heard of the Mandela effect (or maybe I did and just forgot? I thought he had died in prison too, until I really stopped to think about it).

      I was reading through this list of examples (and wait – first, C-3PO had a silver leg??) and I would have adamantly argued that it was “Berenstein” Bears and not “Berenstain.” But (at least for now) I’m more inclined to think it’s falsely remembering something, and repeatedly remembering it that way until it becomes your truth. I think it needs further pondering. What is your opinion?



      1. One thing I know for sure was that I was a mild fan of the Berestein Bears as a kid. I remember very clearly looking at how the name was spelled and wondering if I should pronounce it as ‘stain’ or ‘stein’ and that, to me dependend on the spelling. And I very clearly remember ‘ein’ and thinking ‘then it should be BEREN-STEIN and not ‘STAIN”. Of course, I could just be nuts, because I also remember Nelsen Mandela dying in prison and thinking “wow, all that time and it was waisted because he died.” I’m a rotten turd, I know.


        1. lol! I just asked my sister about it, and she remembers it as STEIN as well. Also, I was talking to my daughter’s boyfriend today about the alternate universe theory, and he explained the concept of time (past, present and future) by lining up three objects in a row, left to right. That’s how I always envisioned infinity, in a straight line. Then he moved their positions horizontally to top, bottom and center and said what if past, present and future were lined up parallel. It was easier to recognize the possibility of parallel universes that way. Also, I mentioned deja vu to him, and the weird, absolutely true feeling I get where I feel slightly removed from reality, recognize that I’m experiencing deja vu and feeling like whatever is about to happen is just out of reach. He said he experiences it the same way, and that could be slipping between realities or universes. *Mind blown*


  2. Lovely musings….I like where your mind is going with this. I indeed believe we are the Universe having a Human experience. Or as Sting said “We are spirits in a material world” So the possibilities are really limitless. 🙂


    1. Now I have “Material Girl” in my head – lol! But I believe we are all connected in ways we can’t even comprehend. xo


  3. Always something to ponder, that’s for sure. We were just discussing this the other day. Do we ultimately decide how our lives will play out or is that predestined?


    1. Oh, that’s funny timing. Here’s something else I’ve thought about. You know how people say “when your number’s up, it’s up?” What if we’re born with a number? I had a couple incidents in the past where a split-second decision averted disaster. At the time I thought it was a good thing my Guardian Angel was watching (which is another whole concept to think about). Could they all be connected? Wish we could get together for drinks again, it would be fun to discuss in person.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You created your kids, maybe it’s something one of them will do, or something a grandson will do. Or maybe it’s a random encounter you’ll have with a stranger. It’s weird to think that maybe what we consider to be our greatest accomplishment is not actually what were were placed here for. We can have a very filling life full of accomplishments, or a mundane life with nothing spectacular to write home about, and still have served a specific purpose that we’ll never realize we served.


  4. Interesting how you address predestination and assess reincarnation, all in one fell swoop.

    I am assigning personas today, for the second half of the Autumn Equixox, which is the best part, because Halloween, and also because it is not so hot out… I will be the carnival barker, of course, and you shall the tour director. Meet me on the midway at the close of day, and speak to me in code, to confound the curious passersby, who seek bargain wisdom at kiosks.


  5. For the Barker I shall direct
    in consideration of my respect
    and code shall be spoken
    as a small token
    of all that is true
    p.s. I’m mad about you

    *cue song*


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