The Portal Moon

 ~ The Portal Moon ~
 Of all the dreams I’ve dreamt
 each hopeful breath, and each lament
 my heart holds on to what is true
 time always circles back to you
 we were of the same vein
 I felt your pain
 I learned your soul
 I loved you, whole
 through the years, I remain the same
 destined to carry the eternal flame
 even though you’ve slipped away
 I carry it still, to this day
 I still journey through the night
 and pray to the moon to use her sight
 so she would always make it known:
 you never walked your path alone
 Moon, be my portal
 carry love immortal
 whisper with gentle strength
 protect him, to any length
 now, I know not where you roam
 but memories of you bring me home
 beyond where bittersweet is buried
 home is where eternal hope is carried.

 © Dahlia Ramone:  February 14, 2021
This was written for Blogophilia Topic: 
Promised Rose Garden

 (1) Use a song title from Frankie Valli and/or the Four Seasons:
 (“The Night”)

 (2) Mention a town or city from North Dakota
 (“Portal” and “Hope)

17 thoughts on “The Portal Moon

    1. Ache and longing, those seem to be my calling cards, those poems are the easiest to write. So glad you enjoyed it. 💗💗


  1. Riffing Dahlia “Through the Portal”

    When a search begins with “Look to the sky,”
    it certainly helps to be able to fly.
    A leap of faith implores “Return to send,”
    which requires a measure of pretend.

    It is always sound practice to ask of Moon,
    in hopes your misplaced destiny comes home soon.
    But in the event, he has gone away for good,
    might you follow, if asked? I think you would.

    A portal is not as a swinging door,
    with two sides, a ceiling, and a floor.
    Sometimes it is but a lesson to learn,
    this is a one-way tour with no return.

    Michael Todd (2021)


    1. Love requires a measure of pretend
      That such bliss could never end

      If a hand were extended for me to take
      Nothing but dust would lie in my wake

      The portal has an aura we call Fate
      With no beckening hand, we wait

      Is the lesson he’s not coming back
      Or do I stay, trapped in a flashback?


  2. Love this, Dollface! I always look out my window at night to see if the moon is visible. 🙂 If there’s no moon I say, “Eh no moon.” If I do see the moon I say, “Eh a beautiful moon.” LOL I crack myself up.


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