Vintage Lies

~ Vintage Lies ~
They weren’t particularly clever
the words you laid before me
yet I was blind to your endeavor
to lure me out to sea
I hadn’t time to raise my guard
so quick and earnest you appeared
I gave my safety no regard
as the shoreline disappeared
I basked in adoration
in the gentle waves of your caress
you spoke with such elation
I saw no reason for distress
our future seemed so flawless
as we swam together in bliss
me on the back of your promise
tenderly sealed with a kiss
cerulean waters and crystalline dreams
white freesia breezes on our skin
is love as simple as it seems,
or did it ever really begin?
your presentation, so appealing
was intended for different eyes
to win back another’s feelings
you hooked me with your vintage lies
treading water, I was suddenly alone
not knowing why you had gone
all your lies turned to stone
and I struggled through the dawn
I called for you, begging to know why
but you were nowhere to be found
you couldn’t even say goodbye
you just left me there to drown.
© Dahlia Ramone:  September 24, 2017

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