The span of a memory

~ The span of a memory ~

The memory I was afraid to keep:
your breath is an extension of mine
sure and strong, reminds me to breathe
when mine falters, time stands still
my head against your neck
I melt into you
speechless, breathless
the world is
else matters
just me, your arms
blanketed in bliss
and everything I could
ever explain is tumbled
in my heart, and my heart’s dancing
your touch imprinted and I shiver
you think I’m cold, but you are unaware
that you can possess me with one mere touch
and I crave and I crave your rogue love
until I am mourning my mind
just before I come undone
and you know I am yours
and you want me, too
but it stops there.
you belonged
to someone else
you could not betray
for love is love, you say
and then you say nothing more
but my love still is love, is love
coursing my bloodstream, fighting envy
soon to be a forgotten memory.

© Dahlia Ramone:  October 20, 2014

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