Harlequin Heart

~ Harlequin Heart ~

Shimmering Blush

Iris to iris, smitten
drawn into a mystic realm
where the first breath of yearning
fans the flame of desire

Metallic Sunburst

Irresistible allure
fiery rose, liberty unleashed
all senses give in
to the rhythm of passion

Languid Lavender 

Serenity whispers
in the twilight
intent clear as crystal
as contentment flirts at the door

Black Shadows

But there is always ash gray
lurking in the corners
ever the heavier hand
and the champagne spills

Absolute Zero

Deserted in the darkness
both by lover and self
the past is still a paralysis 
and the joker sings

Bittersweet Shimmer 

The winter sky, however,
still offers the gentle hues of sunglow
always returning after darkness
giving hope to a harlequin heart.

© Dahlia Ramone:  April 11, 2021

This was written for Blogophilia Topic: Are We There Yet
(1)	Incorporate 3 colors *
(2)	 Include a Playing Card (joker)

* I used a little more than three colors…

Harlequin / shimmering blush / iris / smitten / mystic / flame / 
metallic sunburst / irresistible / fiery rose / liberty / 
rhythm / languid lavender / crystal / flirt / black shadows / ash grey / 
champagne /  absolute zero / desert(ed) / bittersweet shimmer / sunglow

14 thoughts on “Harlequin Heart

  1. I typically consider Harlequin to be fictional, but the major accessable intervals here are altogether authentic.

    Roman Numeral Four is my comfort zone.


    1. Thanks, Clarice. It helped that there were such great names for some colors (many that I didn’t even know were a thing!)


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