Before the Winter Moon

 ~ Before the Winter Moon ~

Memories ripple
like time, indefinite
like my love, my downfall
inevitable and bittersweet

we knew the risk
we were of two different worlds
but what did a far-off future matter
when time would stop and stars held their breath
every time we came together?

“no one knows my soul like you”
you’d whisper in my ear each night
my return smile would get lost in your kiss
the sky turned indigo 
and the moon blushed
as you took me across that forbidden bridge

all your pain washed away
and my ghosts drowned
in our love
but while we loved
we loved in vain

the tide pulled, the moon turned
and winter came too soon
I closed my eyes, you slipped away
and all the longings in the world
couldn’t bring you back to me.

© Dahlia Ramone: May 22, 2016
(revised December 28, 2021)

Chi M'In Geamhradh by Runrig


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