Love the Way I Feel

I know you loved the way I felt about you
to you, my love was your elixir
and I gave it completely
never suspecting it was unrequited

my love inspired you
until you knew that it was real
and began your slow escape

wicked thing, friendship
nurtured to grow
until it caps out
and is taken away

entrenched in a sea of questions
I was never more broken
I rested on my fragility
and tried to understand

your affirmations
stood on empty words
charitable, simply for charity’s sake
veiling your ultimate intent
until they eventually disappeared

but they were not erased

I live with them still 
in each waxing and waning of the moon
so full to bursting with hopeful dreams
only to fade away
and return, bereft, offering nothing

my love was your elixir
until it wasn't

but you
with your sweet words, 
your thoughtful tenderness
and your eventual, unfathomable silence
you've both enthralled and forsaken me

for everything it represents

you will always be my moon.

(c) Dahlia Ramone:  January, 2014 
(revised December 26, 2021)

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