The Halcyon Moon

~ The Halcyon Moon ~

She comes to me sometimes
I feel her presence
before even opening my eyes
she knows when I revisit your words
- the tender and oh, the anguished -
that are tethered to my soul

she offers respite (from myself)
I turn my face toward her, and smile
she was always that exquisite presence
our bewitching beacon
signaling those tender hours 
between my dusk and your dawn

she presents to me her fullness
and I bask in the shimmering light
of the cherished memories she holds

I linger
on the sweet, sweet image of your face
and I feel your smile upon me
gentle as the softest of kisses
wafting subtly on a lilac breeze

enchanted now, I drift to sleep
enveloped in the tenderness
of the best of us

with a soft sigh
the moon rests
(until the next time she is needed)
nestled in the valley of dreams.

© Dahlia Ramone:  January 15, 2023

6 thoughts on “The Halcyon Moon

  1. When I get caught up in you moon musings I forget who I really am.
    No, seriously, your post is asking for my website and email and name, and I have so many of each, I cannot recall which ones are for here.


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