Soul Moon Dance

“Day by day and night by night
we were together”  Walt Whitman


~ Soul Moon Dance ~

Shhhh, my darling
listen with your heart
can you hear it?

it’s the song of our souls
in concert with the constellations
as they harmonize
in lilting melodies
and dreamy sighs

Hush, my love
close your eyes
can you see it?

whispered hopes spring forth
taking on a life of their own
as long-held dreams are realized
dancing to a melody
orchestrated by the moon

a luminous personification
of the dreamers within us

this has been our song
since the inception of eternity
and the moon, resplendent in bliss,
cannot contain herself

she brings us into her orbit
and as we twirl around her
our love spills out into the universe
encapsulated in star-kissed skies
then, now and always.

© Dahlia Ramone:  February 3, 2023

This was written for Blogophilia
Topic: Hope Springs Eternal

Writing Prompt: 
Use a line or quote by Walt Whitman

9 thoughts on “Soul Moon Dance

    1. I thought of you tonight, at midnight. I came home to an almost full moon (after days and nights of ice storms) that was so close… Seriously, it was eclipse close… So close it could have heard me speak, but alas, I was speechless. As you said, resplendent.


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