Born of the Moon

~ Born of the Moon ~

Some of the greatest loves are born
while waiting for the dawn to come
for it is during this time
the moon awakens from her dreams…


Before the first stars ever came out to play
the moon gazed upon a canvas of indigo
saw the anticipation of our love
and painted it into existence

in her infinite wisdom
she knew our souls
that which they yearned for
and where they belonged

with a flicker of her brush
the first two twinkling stars of the night emerged
and with that,
the moon brought her dream to light

she continued, using the ethereal pureness
of her own celestial palette
dipping into hope, she drew our hearts
and colored them in with promise

though, she also colored outside the lines
knowing no matter how full she drew our hearts
they could not contain our love for one another
ours was destined to envelop the universe
as they each were always and forever

then, as the stars grew drowsy,
she added a final layer to our hearts
bathing them in the softest blush
that we would love
with such exquisite tenderness
all of the heavens would take notice

ours is a love
born of a luminous dream
and every night
from the time the stars come out to play
to the whispered softness of dawn’s first blush
our love is illuminated across the sky

as it shall be for eternity
because the moon ordained it so.

© Dahlia Ramone: May 7, 2023

3 thoughts on “Born of the Moon

  1. Oh my heart! That moon, we’d be nothing without her, eh? Your eloquent words weave a tale of finding peace and serenity in the skies above us. KUDOS, Earthling!!! So happy to read your work again! ❤


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