~ Thisclose ~

An embrace
and a moment
suspended in time

your breath is sure and steady
it reminds me to breathe
when mine falters
I rest my head against your neck
as I melt into you
the world is only us
nothing else matters
than the dancing of our pulse
and everything I could ever explain
about all that you are to me
is tumbled in my heart

but actual words escape me
and I’ve now forgotten how to breathe
I shiver, and you think I’m cold
unaware you’ve set my heart afire
can you feel it?
I pray you do

then your arms hold me
ever more tightly
and my legs go weak
your breath
becomes an extension of mine
blanketed in bliss
we go off the deep end

© Dahlia Ramone:  February 5, 2023


This was written for Blogophilia
Topic: Off the Deep End

7 thoughts on “Thisclose

  1. Wow!! I just gave up all ideas of Romance and then you have to create this masterpiece!! lol Now I have to grab the first man I see and create this moment. lol haha kidding…but Wow this was amazing!! Brilliant even. xo


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