3. Naming your chapters

~ View from the top of The Lighthouse, Glasgow (my photo) ~


(This is a continuation of my previous post)

The volume in Solid Rock was close to deafening.  It was one of the reasons Glasgow Girl loved the place so much.  It seemed every song was always one of her favorites, and they were all played loudly.  As an added bonus, if there was anything you wanted to hear, you just asked and they’d play it – punk, rock, metal, alternative – they had the perfect playlist.  She and Graffiti Guy had somehow managed to squeeze into the last bit of room on the bench seat in the front, shoulder to shoulder, and they still needed to yell to be heard over the music.  She watched him now as he walked back from the bar, each hand holding their second Guinness.  He leaned in close so she could hear him as he sat down.

“You’ll need to drink this one down all at once,” he explained.

“Why, are we in a hurry?” Glasgow Girl asked as she picked up her pint.

“No, but this is not your regular Guinness.  I heard a laddie at the bar order one; it’s called a Rock ‘n Roll Suicide.”

“A what?” asked Glasgow Girl, eyeing her pint suspiciously.

“Guinness with a shot of absinthe,” laughed Graffiti Guy.

Glasgow Girl gave him an incredulous look.  “And you said earlier tonight that you weren’t daft.”

“Maybe just a wee bit,” Graffiti Guy replied with a wink.  “Besides, you said you wanted to come up with a better Guinness story.  What better story to write than one with Guinness and absinthe?”

“Not sure ‘better’ should be the operative word here, but what the hell,” she replied as she raised her pint in a toast.  “Over the wall we go!”

“Cheers” replied Graffiti Guy, as they both downed their drinks.

Glasgow Girl giggled.  “I’m sure I’ll regret that soon.  I think it’s time for some cool air.”

“Aye, best leave now before we’re both bevvied,” he agreed.

They headed out and pulled their hoodies up against the light rain.  Heading south on Hope Street, with no particular destination in mind, they turned and wandered along Argyle.

“The Rock plays the best music.  Especially when they were playing the Sex Pistols and Ramones when I asked.  Reminds me of my younger punk days,” mused Glasgow Girl.  “What was the name of that band again that you asked them to play?”

“The Sensational Alex Harvey Band,” replied Graffiti Guy.  “They were a glam rock band from here in Glasgow in the early ‘70s.  They were mad, but inspirational to other bands like AC/DC.  And, they were role models to the punk music scene.  Did you know punk rock was banned in Glasgow in the ‘70s?”


“True story.  Some gig got out of control and the City Council actually banned punk bands from playing here for a couple years.”

“Wow, how did you ever survive that?” teased Glasgow Girl.

Graffiti Guy chuckled.  “We just found another place.  Punk nights in Paisley.  Saw all the greats play there – Elvis Costello, The Clash, Gen X, Johnny and the Self-Abusers – they’d go on to become Simple Minds.  Those nights were pure dead brilliant.”

“Wow, I’m bummed I missed out on all that,” said Glasgow Girl.  Looking around, she realized they were on Mitchell Street.  “Oh, look,” she said, pointing.  “There’s the Lighthouse.  I always love going in there, the architecture is incredible.  Too bad it’s already closed for the night.”

“Aye,” agreed Graffiti Guy, “We all love Mackintosh here, and the views of the city from the top are a peach.  We’ll have to come back when they’re open.”

Glasgow Girl smiled.  “Yes, we will.  Oh, you know what?  We’re just around the corner from The Lab.  I’ve always wanted to go there.”

“Lead on,” agreed Graffiti Guy with a wave of his hand.

Two minutes later they were standing in front of the pub, looking at the menu on the window.

“Suddenly I’m starving,” said Glasgow Girl.  “Oooh, they have fun names for things.  Look – ‘deep fried string theory cheese.”

“What’s that?” asked Graffiti Guy.

“Basically Mozzarella sticks,” replied Glasgow Girl. 

“Did you see this?” asked Graffiti Guy, pointing to a picture on the menu.  “They have test tube shots.  We definitely need to try those.”

“Because what could go wrong with that?” laughed Glasgow Girl.  “I’m in, I need to break some of my red money anyway.”

Graffiti Guy looked at her, puzzled.  “Break your red money?”

“Yeah, this,” replied Glasgow Girl as she reached into her pocket and held out her hand.

“A £100 Note?” Graffiti Guy asked.

“Yeah, how far into our story do you think we could get with this?”

“I imagine at least a few more chapters,” Graffiti Guy laughed.  “What shall we call them?”

“Hmmmm….” mused Glasgow Girl.  “Chapter One would be called ‘If I’m dreaming my life.‘  You title the next chapter.”

Graffiti Guy gazed at Glasgow Girl.  Wisps of black hair peeking out from her hoodie, her green eyes studying his face, her lips turned in that mischievous half-smile that was seared into his brain.  He smiled back at her. 

“Chapter Two will be ‘When I live my dream.’”  He held the door open for her.  “Come on, m’eudail; let’s keep living it.”

© Dahlia Ramone:  September 7, 2020

This was written for Blogophilia Topic “String Theory”

(1) Use a David Bowie Song Title*
(2) Mention Something About The 70’s (punk rock ban in Glasgow)

*I used the following Bowie song titles: 
“rock ‘n roll suicide / over the wall we go /
red money / if I’m dreaming my life / when I live my dream”

m’eudail – Scottish Gaelic for ‘my darling’

Rock ‘n Roll Suicide (Note:  I didn’t realize this was actually a real drink when I was writing, thought I just made it up because it sounded like an interesting combination I’d probably order.  Apparently, it is a real drink called The Hulk).

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band

Johnny and the Self Abusers

Punk rock ban

The Lighthouse

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

The Lab (Note:  The Lab does not have deep fried string theory cheese on its menu, though I think it is a rather brilliant idea)

Music Videos:

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Delilah

Johnny and the Self Abusers: Saints and Sinners


9 thoughts on “3. Naming your chapters

  1. Wow, loved this episode, felt like we were living that first date right along with you. So fun. Also so educational, love all the Glasgow facts and locations…I was gonna ask you if that drink was real. I just thought you were trying to really raise the stakes adding absinthe. haha. Good to know it exists, I would honestly be afraid to try it. 🙂 Will there be more?? I hope so.


    1. Haha! For some reason it reminded me of the night in SF when we went to the speakeasy after already having a couple drinks. I grabbed a table while you went to the bar, and then came back with Absinthe! lol! And I’d probably try this drink, but not if I had to chug it.

      I noticed Bowie has a song called Rosalyn. Made me think of Rosslyn Chapel. Maybe GG and GG will have more adventures. Thanks, happy you’re enjoying the story 😁


  2. I can’t believe you mentioned the Sensational Alex Harvey band – I listen to Vambo so many times I wore it out. They were the most completely theatrical stage show I had seen. I swear none of my friends ever got it when I played it for them. Maybe you just had to see them live to get it.


  3. A fluid mix of how it surely was and how it probably was, or should have been… You sure are up on your punk rock bands.


  4. Wow. That Hulk/Rock and Roll Suicide sounds very interesting. Even better than an Irish Car Bomb which also needs to be drunk quickly. I can always count on you to give a tutorial on punk music.


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