I didn’t love you, but…

“The memory of one moment
is the beginning and the end of who I am”
              - Lyric from "I Believe (in everything)" by JJ Grey

I didn’t love you, but
I still remember when I first saw you
a star in a sea of stars
illuminated by the moon

you’d come in and out of view over the years
and I always smiled when I saw you
but you belonged to the universe

and then you didn’t

perhaps the stars
were nudged by the moon to realign
because suddenly you were unattached
and closer than you’d ever been

I didn’t love you, but
I loved our innate connection
and this crazy way
we had so much in common 

we were so close
I could almost touch you

then, by the grace of the moon
(or my own misfortune)
we breached the distance
for one day
and the moon held her breath

was that the beginning of the end?
were we forsaken in that moment in time
left to our own devices without the coaxing warmth 
of the moon’s breath at our backs?

I found out soon enough

the moon exhaled
and the space between you and me
became unfathomable 

the sky turned to ebony
and echoed with the silence
of your soundless departure

I didn’t love you, but
your absence still haunts me
and I cannot escape 
that one unanswered question:


I didn’t love you, but
I still see you in everything 
the only difference now
is the weight of my heart.

© Dahlia Ramone:  October 3, 2021


This was written for Blogophilia Topic: A Distant Future

Writing Prompts:

(1): Incorporate a lyric by JJ Grey (in quote above poem)
(2): Include a math term or equation (difference)

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