~ Epiphany ~

Dawning comes on future’s tide
rushing back with certainty 
on wings of truth dispensing light
purpose affirmed, my destined path 
inherent trust, my only guide.

The inner conflict, long my steady
that battle waged of heart and mind
abruptly ceased, absolved of fight
no match against the waves of peace
now bathing my soul with clarity.

A revelation - not won by chance
but born of belief in destiny
that souls connect and hearts can fly
with strength to surpass any trials 
your one constant – my unwavering stance.

The moon, our liaison, guiding above
bridging the miles, a reminder true
she is the key, to remembering me
for no matter the end, I’m tied to you
for no other reason, but to love.

(c) Dahlia Ramone:  September, 2014

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ00slYj0_o  **

** Side note: This poem is an oldie, from 2014, about destiny. After I posted it, I pondered on it for a bit, wondering if anything had changed since I first wrote the poem seven years ago. Was destiny misguided? Did I interpret it wrong? Do I still believe? Then right after I posted it, I remembered ABBA has a new album, and I went to listen. The first song is called “I still have faith in you” and a repetitive lyric is “do I have it in me?” Coincidence?? I added the link to my poem, because it was kind of perfect. Whether my perceived notion of destiny will end up being detrimental remains to be seen, but I think I’m going to hold onto it for a bit longer…

Additional side note: These images are for Lewondr table lamps (you can find them online). I think I need to order them myself 🙂

6 thoughts on “Epiphany

  1. This is a gem. I not only understand your words but feel them as I also understand your musings about coincidence and chance. Beautiful altogether, made me think about my own self back when I had a heart. ❤️ Love you.


  2. Your words captivated me then, as they do now. I’m feeling the peace in your words… giving up the battle and letting the waves wash over me. It’s so beautiful!

    And HELLO! Yes, you do need to get those table lamps – they are so YOU!! xoxo Love you Dollface ❤


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