such was my love for you
(as it remains so)

the moon knew it, too,
and she made it accessible
she was the conduit to our souls
as they spilled into the universe

we danced across the indigo sky
cushioned by a thousand stars
that dipped and swayed in time
rearranging with each step
to immortalize our love song

and as indigo gave way to twilight
we bowed and bid each other
the most tender of partings
and the sweetest of dreams
until our next dance

the moon continued to bring you
and we danced, night after night,  
while the stars transcribed our lyrics
until, perhaps, you thought 
there was nothing left to write
and only offered your absence

through the unfolding of time
the moon has come to me, empty-handed,
but I just smiled at her because I know
the perseverance of the moon is eternal
and one cannot erase 
what has been written in the stars

lest you forget,
you need only look to our moon
and read the stars that we danced upon
to be reminded of a love so grand
it took the universe to show you.

© Dahlia Ramone:  November 28, 2021

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